About me

I am the chief photographer for epa (european pressphoto agency) in Vietnam, where I have lived since 2002. In 2009 I won World Press Photo and Sony World Photography awards.


6 Responses to “About me”

  1. Hi Julian,

    Great to find your blog. your photos and story are really inspiring.

    I’m a student photographer heading over to Hanoi in January for a few months. My parents live in Ciputra and teach at the UNIS school – so I can’t knock back an opportunity to see what life is like over there.

    Not exactly sure what I’ll be doing with my time just yet… Wondering if you would interested in having me tag along at some stage while I’m there? Do you ever had a need for an assistant?

    If not a beer one night would be awesome – in the meantime I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog.


  2. Hi Julian,
    Thank you and congratulations for your work on Homespa magazine November 2007 issue. You and Amanda Ross won a NATJA Merit Award for ‘You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby’. Category 26: Landscape, Sunset, Mountain or Ocean View. What about your life in Vietnam?
    Thank you guy and À bientôt,

  3. Dear Julian

    Until very recently I worked as editor of UK-based consumer magazine Outdoor Photography. I came across your diving images while researching a news piece about the World Press Photo Awards – and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them ever since!

    After eight years working on the magazine, I stepped down from my position at the end of last week in order to spend two years exploring and photographing the off-shore islands of Great Britain.

    Despite this venture, I still can’t stop thinking about your images! As a result, I would like to interview you for a feature in Black & White Photography magazine – a sister publication to Outdoor Photography magazine. The suggestion has been cleared with the editor, and she would very much like me to pursue the idea.

    We would like to run the piece in the July issue, so I would need to make fuller contact with you very shortly. Due to the remoteness of my current location, it would be best for me to email you a brief set of questions if possible.

    I would appreciate it if you could get back to me with any thoughts via my personal email address as soon as possible.

    Well done on the Sony Awards by the way – very well deserved!

    Best wishes

    Tracy Hallett

  4. Dear Julian,
    I run a support website for partners, family and friends of people who’ve been raped or experienced any kind of sexual violence. I’m thinking of connecting a website about pregnancy through rape and especially pregnancy loss. I’ve been looking for some suitable image for the page. I think that the picture you have here of Celia in the water is so beautiful and would suit perfectly. I wondered if you’d be willing to share it, attributed of course, for this not-for-profit website? If you are could you please let me know. Thanks very much,

  5. Dear Julian,
    I am an editor at BBC World Service’s bbcvietnamese.com (http://www.bbc.co.uk/vietnamese/pictures/) based in London. I came across your series about HIV/AIDS taken in Mai Chau. I wondered if you could give us permission to post your impressive pictures on our website which attracks around 20 million visitors a month, mostly from Vietnam. Being a public service we would like to spread the word about this issue in Vietnam and beyond. We will clearly credit you and post a link to your website.
    Best wishes,
    Vinh Hoang
    Desk Editor
    Bush House, Aldwych
    London WC2B 4PH
    United Kingom

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