Edan Rizal Unite Wainwright

Our beautiful boy, born 18 February, 2009.



~ by Julian Abram Wainwright on February 21, 2009.

9 Responses to “Edan Rizal Unite Wainwright”

  1. unbelievable brother. hope ur well.

  2. Congrats Jules. He’s beautiful.

  3. We love him, Jules!

  4. Big congrats, dad.

  5. Alright, now I know why that photo keeps making me cry.
    It’s your heart in it.
    All my love to my sister Ce, little Edan and you, new father.
    Dhana Musil

  6. Conrats to the proud parents and grandparents!

  7. Jules,
    Wonderful new adventure for you and Cecelia. One major difference, this one never ends! Enjoy the ride.
    Jeff H.

  8. Congratulations, Julian and Ciel!! It’s a very beautiful photo of a mother and child taken by a loving dad and husband. Hope to see more photos of Baby Edan.
    Kuya Larry and Ate Joy

  9. Congratulation, Julian, Gia đình hạnh phúc, an cư lạc nghiệp !

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