Vietnam photoblogography, ver.2.0

About 6 years ago, after a few flirtatious visits which began in 1997, I moved to Hanoi, Vietnam to explore working in the developing country as a photojournalist. I had a journalism degree, but no photographic training and really no idea how to get work. Positioning myself in a rapidly developing country was the smart move, however, the rest of the story probably owes more to dumb luck than anything else. Meeting the right people, pounding the pavement, frequent motorbike trips into the hills to clear the mind, and flash forward a few years – I am the Vietnam photographer for epa (european pressphoto agency), and a regular editorial and commercial assignment shooter. Vietnam is booming. So is the photo business.

This blog is about my experiences as an expatriate photographer, but also a space to muse about all things photography and Vietnam-related. Hopefully this will become helpful to other shooters who come here on assignment, and spur a bit more conversation about photography in Vietnam, particular w/r/t to the work of Vietnamese photographers, who are, after all, the best placed to document the changes in this country.

note: this is kindof my second blogging effort, after a failed start-and-stop romance with another blog provider. i’ll probably shift some older material here just to beef things up and look like this blog has been active for much longer than it actually has.


~ by Julian Abram Wainwright on October 6, 2007.

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  1. Nice interface, but very little of your post ! Keep it up, my friend.

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